Reminds me of why I got into this industry.


Gave in to the dark side…

Gave in to the dark side…

Sprint Review time!

Sprint Review time!

STET | Making remote teams work

Perhaps the most persistent bit of advice I gathered — and in some ways the most counterintuitive — is the need for remote teams to overcommunicate.

Your Business is a Ship and You Are the Captain | Jeff Archibald

… knowing how to do something doesn’t mean you should spend all of your time doing it.

Don’t let the fear of someone stealing your idea stop you from talking to others, because it’s really execution that makes the difference between success and failure.

Microframe Template

A microframe is a 200px wide wireframe. Provides just enough information while staying fast to build.

Click the link for the PSD. Also check out these discussions on Dribbble:

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In defence of skeumorphism

Skeumorphic is now a dirty word. Flat design is in. But skeumorphism it still has its uses.

Lets take a look at the new Twitterific iPhone app. It has a ‘modern’ flat look. But look at the action tray:

I have a problem clicking the buttons because I don’t know what the clickable area is. There’s no way to tell want my margin of error is. It makes me think for a split second more. It doesn’t matter whether the clickable area is actually bigger or smaller. The fact that I perceive it to be smaller is bad enough because it forces me to think. That’s bad enough.

On Tweetbot, the clickable area is pretty obvious:

You know which part of the UI can be pressed (affordance). You know how exactly how it will react. Making things more obvious, even if it’s a split second difference in reaction time, makes a big difference. 

Flat design is an ok trend. I actually like it. But anything taken to the extreme can be bad. On one hand, overloading an interface with needless details such as torn paper in a calendar can distract and restrict, but we should not swing to the other extreme either.

Stripping away ALL skeumorphism can be just as bad as faux leather. Switches and buttons translate well into GUIs because they accurately communicated affordances.

Interface Builder for Web Apps - Divshot

This looks promising for prototyping. Drag and drop interface builder that uses Twitter Bootstrap. Export responsive interfaces to HTML/CSS.